The history of WR Engenharia started in 1986, in the town of Juazeiro do Norte (CE), when civil engineers Ricardo Callou and Wagner Sampaio consolidated the desire to create a company with the purpose of building modern, sophisticated projects that meet the most demanding customers’ expectations

Since then, WR Engenharia has achieved its goals and won the market, building a strong brand based on best quality standard. With operations in the Northeast and in the municipality of Macapá, the construction company is responsible for numerous commercial and residential projects, such as malls, hotels, industries, car dealers, as well as hospitals, gyms, schools, parks and roads.

It is worth remembering that these are benchmark works in civil construction. It is no wonder that the company has already achieved important certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 and PBQP-H-level A, accumulating over 1,000,000 m² of building area and more than 2,500 housing units already delivered. Among the main works are: VERDI - The first condominium - Jardim de Fortaleza, Mansão Cariri with 337 m2 apartments, Shopping Aldeota, Cariri Garden Mall, Shopping Tok Stok, Shopping Center of Maracanau, Amapá Garden Shopping and Cariri Medical Center.

To ensure the excellence of the work, the WR excels by its human capital through training activities, investing in education and the improvement of its employees. With the program "Building and Educating" the company identifies qualification needs of its employees and assembles classrooms at construction sites, ranging from primary to medium teaching level.

With a track record of great achievements, WR Engenharia draws a success story marked by commitment, quality in everything it does and respect to its customers, partners and employees.